Save Your Extra Materials for the Art Room!

Creation made using recycled cardboard, bits of wire, paint, magazine print and a discarded book-
In grades 7-12 art, the students have the opportunity to exercise a great deal of choice in their creations. If you have ever really looked at some of the art work, you will see that we use many "found" objects, recycled objects and materials that are very inexpensive to our program. We think FREE or recycled is even better! If you are so inclined, please save some of these items for us. You could drop them off in the art room, send them with a student, or bring them to the office, let the secretaries know and they will contact me.
We love to recreate using buttons, ribbon, hot glue gun sticks, ice cream pails, with or without lids, paint brushes, paint rollers, sponges, latex or acrylic paints (no oil based paint please), jewelry, picture frames, mats, fabric, old kitchen tools, clear plastic bottles with lids (ketchup, shampoo, rubbermaid, etc), stickers, decorative paper, rubber stamps, ink pads, wallpaper books, Horizon magazines, Reminisce or Ideals magazines, sand paper, wire, string, beads, leather, small hand tools...If you are cleaning or sorting, think creativity and we can probably use it! Thanks! Mrs. C.

Contact: Carol Childress