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As our district continues to look at ways to improve and plan for the future, the West Lyon school board and administrative staff will be hosting a “Community Informational” session on November 4th, which is the first evening of our parent/teacher conferences. Our plan for this evening is to take information gained from our survey and give those in attendance an opportunity to share their opinions, ideas and concerns for our district as we plan for the future. 

We feel that with any “vision” there needs to be communication, empowerment and involvement, along with the importance of support and willingness to contribute.  The survey is a form that asks you for your email and then to rank 7 items that have been brought to our attention in order from priority #1 to your least important priority #7 and then a short answer question to add anything you feel we need to consider.  Thank you for completing this survey!

Survey responses accepted through October 25th!

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