WL Counseling Department Mission Statement

The mission of the West Lyon Community School counseling program is to be committed to the service of the students entrusted to our school. The West Lyon school counseling program provides a comprehensive, developmental and preventative program that strives for the fullest development and maturation of every child in the areas of academic, career and personal/social development.  


West Lyon school counselors are professional school advocates who partner with other educators, parents/guardians and the community to deliver the school counseling program.  The counselors facilitate the support system needed to ensure that every West Lyon student has access to and is prepared with the knowledge and skills needed to become effective students, responsible citizens, productive workers and lifelong learners in a global society.

WL Counseling Belief Statement

The West Lyon K-12 counseling program believes that:

  • All students have the ability to develop and achieve academically, personally and socially.
  • All students have the right to participate in the school counseling program and, given the proper support from the counseling program and other school and community entities, every student can achieve their highest potential academically and in career and personal/social domains while being empowered to maintain the dignity of being held personally accountable for their own development in these areas.
  • Our comprehensive school counseling program should be based on the West Lyon school district’s educational goals, objectives and philosophy and should utilize the many combined resources of the community and school staff to deliver the counseling program.
  • The school counselor is an advocate and support system for all students, parents/guardians, staff and administration involved with the school.
  • Our counselors abide by the professional school counseling ethics as advocated by the American School Counseling Association. 

WL Counseling Department Assumptions

The West Lyon counseling department assumptions are that our school counseling program:

  • Will adhere to and be an extension of the West Lyon School District educational philosophy of being committed to the service of the students entrusted to our auspices and to strive for the fullest development and maturation of each child.
  • Will provide the major functions of the counseling position as defined by the West Lyon school board.  These functions are to assist students in:  (1) junior and senior high school course selection, (2) career and post-secondary planning, (3) counseling students who are experiencing personal difficulties, (4) referring students with more severe difficulties to appropriate specialists or agencies, and (5) provide opportunities that allows students to meet current issues in their lives.
  • Is comprehensive, developmental and preventative in nature, using data to drive decisions and community resources to support the delivery of lessons and services.
  • The counseling program components will be delivered to all students through classroom guidance lessons and activities, individual planning, responsive services and system support. 

WL Counseling Department Philosophy

The school counselors in the West Lyon School District adhere to the philosophy that our school counseling program:

  • Provides a consistent guidance curriculum based on the developmental and educational needs of every student and shall be consistent with expected developmental stages of learning.
  • Is designed to meet the needs of every student K-12 and provides opportunities for those students “needing more” academically and socially.
  • Provides developmental as well as preventative remedial services.
  • Provides programs, activities and lessons planned and organized by the school counseling staff and is implemented by the combined resources of the school counselors, administration, teachers, students, other staff, parents and community members (as appropriate).
  • Allows for every student to have access to a school counselor to discuss personal concerns and access to information about academic and career planning.
  • Encourages all students and staff to recognize and appreciate the unique contributions, rights, responsibilities and esteem of self and others.
  • Shall be evaluated by counselors and administrators based on the counselors function and role as stated by the West Lyon School Board policy.