Spring Play!
Students in grades 9-12 are invited to participate in West Lyon's spring play. Try-outs are near the end of January. Rehearsals take place in February and March, and the play runs two nights near the end of March.

Annually, between 20 and 30 students make up the cast and crew of the production. It is an exciting, rewarding way for students to participate in an activity and connect with other students at West Lyon.

Hamlet, Or Does Father Really Know Best? 2013

Shakespeare Alive!!!! The West Lyon Drama Department brought to life two timeless tales of love and revenge: Romeo and Juliet and Hamlet.

Romeo and Juliet: MacKenzie; Miranda, Heather, Taryn, Kayla, Tyra,

Hamlet-prince of Demark--Weston
Caudius-Hamlet’s uncle/current king of Denmark--Lorenzo
Gertrude-Hamlet’s mother/queen of Denmark--Meghan
Old Hamlet (Ghost)-Hamlet’s father/former king of Denmark--Mikaela
Polonius-old, trusted advisor--Marissa
Laertes-son of Polonius; college student--Noah
Ophelia-daughter of Polonius--Hannah
Horatia-Hamlet’s best friend--Bridget
Marcellus-soldier—Grace G
Player One--Paige
Player Two—Taryn Storytellers
Player Three—Tyra Sam--Tressa
Guard One--Tyra Eric--Christian
Guard Two—Kayla Jen--Cassidy
Grave Digger One--Miranda
Grave Digger Two--Heather
Courtiers—MacKenzie, Grace, Tyra, Kayla, Miranda, Heather

Director’s Assistant-Mariah
Props-**Mariah, Heather, Christian
Costumes-*Monica, Taryn, Mikaela, Paige
Curtain/Set Up-Taryn
Publicity-**Monica, Cassidy, Lorenzo
Programs-**MacKenzie, Monica, Kayla
Usher-Mariah, Noah, Tyra
Set-**Weston, Grace, Morgan

Cinderella March 2012

Once Upon a Time...

The Chocolate War March 2011

On March 17th and 18th, West Lyon Drama Department will present The Chocolate War. Robert Cormier's brilliant novel is a compelling coming-of-age story about young people in conflict at a New England prep school. The richly drawn characterizations and crackling dialogue keep the intriguing action moving from beginning to end. As dramatized by Joseph Robinette, all the elements of the book are brought vividly to life: the humor, drama, despair and hope ultimately lead to an ending that is as satisfying as it is surprising. The New York Times Book Review called The Chocolate War "masterfully structured and rich in theme. The action is well crafted and suspenseful; complex ideas develop and unfold with clarity." The resulting dramatization remains faithful to the unforgettable, thought-provoking novel which has successfully made the quantum leap from page to stage. (script description)

North Woods Nonsense March 2010

You are invited to attend West Lyon's spring play, North Woods Nonsense by Andrew Ross, March 18th and 19th, 2010 at 7 pm.

The fast action centers round a run-down hotel lobby in Moose Bottom Lake in northern Maine, where handyman Pete has written a newspaper article about Bigfoot kidnapping a local resident. The rumored sighting of Sasquatch provides the perfect excuse for Birch and Pine, assistants to the worst congressman in history, to suggest a trip to the senator. They have spent their careers trying to hide the inept congressman so he won’t speak in public and divulge his ludicrous ideas, such as turning the Grand Canyon into a giant lake! But with reporters hot on the congressman’s trail and lunatic guests pursuing Bigfoot, you can imagine the zany fun that converges at the hotel… especially when Pete decides the guests really should get a chance to see Bigfoot!

Holly Hauk--Kayla
Grace Granite--Kristin
Miss Birch--Kendra
Mr. Pine--Tory
Mary Granola--Grace
Mr. Pike--Ron
Mrs. Pike--Kaitlyn
Carrie Granola-Becca
Congressman Oakley--Drew
Barry Busch--Andrew
Reporters--Maria, Jamie, Meghan, Jenny, Tara
Guests--Shaunae, Philip, Anna, Morgan, Jeff, Hannah, Paige, Rachel
Men in Black--Chad, Weston
Crew--Bekah, Danielle, Aurelie

Captain Blood and the Pirate Queen March 2009

Gentlemen Roger Goodman has every intention of living his life in a conventional way once he marries the wealthy Sarah Huffington that is, until he overhears her telling her girlfriends how boring he is! The man Sarah really wants to marry is a dashing, daring pirate! Willing to walk the plank for love, Roger immediately buys a ship, recruits a crew and even hires a pirate tutor, Long John Sliver, to show him the ropes! Sliver toughens him up and bequeaths him a new, menacing name-Captain Blood, as well as an intimidating ship name and flag to match. In return, Roger must sail him to Treasure Island to pick up eight chests of gold dabloons. Meanwhile, Sarah has gone off the deep-end, as well. Knowing she won't find a pirate unless she becomes one, she makes herself into the Pirate Queen and quickly earns a notorious reputation for raiding ship after ship. Wouldn't you already know, Sarah's parents are also out on the high seas in their own ship. As luck would have it, they all congregate on Treasure Island, which is already occupied by the retired pirate Bluebeard and his crew. Ahoy, mateys! That's too many pirates for one landmass, and the hilarious loose cannons explode! Of course, the Huffingtons and Roger don't recognize one another until the very last moment, promising treasure chests of swashbuckling suspense and laughter along the way! You'll go overboard with laughs!