From the High School Counselor’s Desk: April 2022

Schedules for School Year 2022-23

The schedules for next year for current grades 6-12 will be available in the next week.  Once the schedules are available, if any questions or concerns arise with these schedules, students will be asked to see Miss Mulder by Tuesday, May 17 so that next school year can begin with a minimum amount of schedule changes.

Junior High Community Service Days

The Junior High is planning on having community service days the last 2 days of the school year.  If you have any ideas for tasks the junior high can help with on those days, please contact Kim Mulder.  In addition, we have a need for parent supervision, as well as multiple vehicles for transportation.  If you are willing and able to give ½ day, a day, or a couple days to volunteer in this endeavor, please give Kim Mulder a call at the junior high (753-4917) or email at

College Level Classes for School Year 2022-23

Registration forms are now available for NCC college classes for next fall.  Students are asked to see Miss Mulder to get a registration form. These classes are available to upcoming Juniors and Seniors who have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher. These courses do count towards extra curricular and sports eligibility. Students receiving a failing grade at semester will be ineligible to participate in extra curricular activities for 30 days. Also - students must receive a grade of a C or higher for colleges to accept the class for credit. As set up by the state, West Lyon pays for the tuition for these college classes if they are taken during the actual school year.  However, the student/parents themselves are responsible for the purchase of (and finding of) the books used for these college level classes.  Likewise, for college classes that students take that use an “electronic” or “embedded” book, those costs will also be passed on to the student/family. Please note that if a student has or ends up WITHDRAWING from a NCC college level class (after the initial 2 week drop date) due to low grades in the class, that student will not be allowed to take future NCC college level classes while at West Lyon.  (Just an FYI that college level classes that students withdraw from past the drop date are still required to be paid for by West Lyon). 

For the 2022-23 school year, West Lyon will be offering 4 NCC dual enrollment classes taught during the school day at West Lyon.  These classes are first semester College Composition I (ENG105) and College Composition II (ENG106), second semester classes of College Intro to Literature (LIT101) and College Agriculture Selling(AGB336)  (this is our 2nd semester of Ag Sales).  As with all the other NCC college level classes, students who take any of these classes at West Lyon will be required to find and purchase their own college level textbook.   In addition, for students to get accepted to take College Composition I, they are required by NCC to have an English placement test.  This placement test is an English ACT score of a 17 taken no later than the April ACT test date.  Finally – even though our West Lyon students have completed our West Lyon course registration sheets, if they are signed up to take any of these 4 college classes taught at West Lyon, they need to still complete an NCC registration sheet with Miss Mulder signing up for those classes.

Mulder's preference is that right now students only sign up for 1st semester NCC classes. The exemption would be College Literature and College Agriculture Selling for 2nd semester - you may sign up for that. (The reason is that in the past number of years there has been a large number of students who drop the 2nd semester classes before 2nd semester even starts which creates more paper work and communication with NCC).  Students will be able to register for 2nd semester college classes in November/December.


 NCC College Level Classes for Summer 2022

A State of Iowa initiative in the Governor’s Future Ready Iowa plan allows grant funding for high school students (current grades 9-11) to take a few career ready courses in the summer. This means that students who want to take a course from NCC in certain career areas of need can do so for free under this grant.  If students are interested in any of these summer courses they should see Miss Mulder for a registration form.  Registration forms are due back in to Miss Mulder by Friday, April 29.  (Note - these career related college classes are the only summer classes that high school students can take for free.  The state of Iowa does not allow high schools to pay for any college classes for students in the summer).