From the High School Counselor’s Desk: Sept 2020

With the start of the school year I want to inform you of some upcoming opportunities for our students.

PSAT Test for Juniors

On Wednesday, October 14 in the morning the juniors will be offered the PSAT (Preliminary Scholastic Achievement Test) test, which is the first qualifying test for the National Merit Scholarship Award. This test is recommended for those students in the top 30% of their class. It measures verbal and mathematical reasoning abilities that are important for success in college. The test consists of 2 verbal and 2 math areas. This test does not measure creativity, nor does it require you to recall specific facts. This test is a good “practice” test for the ACT (at a much lower cost). The cost is $17.00 but I believe it will be free this year for West Lyon as a test group. 25 Tests are available. You must sign up by Monday, October 5 in the counselor's office. The test will take approximately 3 hours. Testing will be in the morning on Wednesday, Oct 14.

FAFSA Financial Aid

Seniors and parents – Families can start completing the FAFSA already October 1 for the next school year. Seniors have been encouraged to start getting college applications out there because schools will not process financial aid packages for a student until that student has applied and been accepted into their college for next year. The website to apply after October 1 is: . The website to create a fafsa ID (signature verification) is: . Any new student to a FAFSA application will need an ID. NOTE: If parents already have an ID from a previous child applying for FAFSA the parents will not create a new one for themselves.

College Visits/Job Shadows Process

Junior and senior students (or their parents) may set up their own college visits with schools they are interested in exploring. Seniors may have up to 2 college visit days and 1 job shadow day; and juniors may have 1 college visit day and 1 job shadow day during school time. For these days to be classified as college visit or job shadow days in the school attendance records, students must turn in a parent note to Sue Faber verifying the student was on a college visit and what school they visited or when and where the job shadow occurred. College visit and job shadow absences will be counted as part of the 8 absences allowed for a student per semester before grade reduction in classes. All college visits and job shadows must be completed by the end of April. It is possible that with COVID some colleges may be doing only Virtual visits.

College Level Classes with NCC

West Lyon has a variety of online college courses available for juniors and seniors through NCC community college. These college courses are truly college level course and are free of charge to high school juniors and seniors, provided students receive a grade of C or above in the class. Students receive dual credit for these courses, meaning they will receive both high school credit and college credit from NCC. See Miss Mulder by the middle of November if you are interested in registering for 2nd semester NCC college level online courses. Students with a cumulative GPA above 3.0 are eligible for these classes.

CNA Class – West Lyon will be attempting to have a CNA class here 2nd semester. West Lyon needs to have at least 5 students for this night class to run. The class would be 3 mornings a week (mornings TBD) likely starting at 6:30am. Let Miss Mulder know if you are interested in this CNA class.

College Books – All West Lyon students taking college level classes will need to find and purchase their own textbooks. For classes that have electronic or online books, students will need to pay West Lyon for the use of those books. For students who are on free or reduced meals, you will still need to find and purchase your own book, but provided you complete and pass the class you may turn in the receipt for your book at the end of the semester for reimbursement on that book.

Senior Scholarship Information

Each year seniors seem to be very interested in the scholarships available to them as they prepare financially for further education. From time to time new scholarships will come across the counselor's desk. To inform students and parents of these scholarship opportunities and deadlines, a scholarship bulletin will be typed up each month in a brief summarized format. This bulletin will be posted on the West Lyon website at in the Counselor section under the High School tab. It will also be sent to the seniors through google classroom. Complete information on each scholarship will be kept in 3 ring binders in the counselor's office. Parents and students are welcome to stop in at any time to check this information out. Updated scholarship bulletins should be available each month around the 25th of the month.



Throughout the course of the year I receive mailings from colleges, camps and scholarship programs that are available for our 7th through 11th grade students. Each month you will find a short summary of these mailings on the West Lyon school website. Students and parents are encouraged to check this website every month or so to see if any of these camp and scholarship opportunities may be of interest to you. Our school’s website is: This information will be under the Counselor section of the webpage. In addition, senior scholarship information that I receive in my office will also be summarized each month and posted on the school website. These can also be found in the Counselor s