Really great people make you feel that you, too, can become great. ~Mark Twain

This course develops skills in reading, writing, and speaking. The student will master 9th grade vocabulary; understand the forms of the novel, drama, the short story, and the epic; and understand grammar and usage as it applies to writing.

This semester course is comprised of reading and writing experienced on one or more of the following units: Short Story, Non-Fiction, Poetry, Drama, Legends, and Novels.

Students will learn public speaking communications skills through experiences in performance of various types of speech situations. This required course stresses the experience in the performance of various kinds of formal and informal speaking.

Students study the writing process, the six traits of effective writing, and the format of an essay. They will explore various forms of writing. In addition, students will master an 11th grade vocabulary, become independent readers, and study a brief survey of American Literature.

This class advocates an integrated approach to the study of written and verbal communication with an emphasis on the study of American Literature. Students will master an 11th grade vocabulary. Students will use the writing process and be mindful of the six traits of effective writing while composing various essays.

A survey of the best of British Literature from the twentieth century to the early Anglo Saxon period is combined with short genre studies and an intensive writing unit including a grammar and usage review along with a variety of compositions.

This course provides an introduction to college level literature study by encompassing the survey and composition components of English IV and extending these to include standard college units along with more rigorous grading. Students will practice close reading and analysis both in writing and discussion. Emphasis will be placed on class participation with class contributions forming a significant portion of the student’s grade.

Mass Media is an advanced speaking/writing course offered to high school students who are above average in English composition and oral communication skills. Students will be required to make use of electronic media to compose, edit, and polish articles, photos, and web publications. The primary task of the Mass Media course is to work directly with The West Lyon Herald and The Larchwood FOCUS to provide materials for weekly publishing. An aim of Mass Media is to promote West Lyon events and student accomplishments as well as its finest resource: its people. Students will be required to learn the fundamentals of journalism, electronic media, and broadcasting in the web. Podcasts, interviews, sports writing, and feature writing will be an emphasis.