Week 7!
For all grades...Kindness 101: Week 5 Story "Courage"


TK/K: 2nd Step Lesson "Managing Frustration"

1st: 2nd Step Lesson "Strong Feelings"

2nd: 2nd Step Lesson "Managing Embarrassment"

3rd: 2nd Step Lesson "Managing Test Anxiety"

4th: 2nd Step Lesson "Managing Strong Feelings"

5th: 2nd Step Lesson "Calming Down"
6th: Curious Kids "Careers"

You are going to be heading off to junior high soon; which leads to high school, and then beyond! Watch this to teach you a little about some different careers that you might not have thought about; it could give you some ideas of what you want to do with your life when you grow up!  Feel free to email me after you watch to tell me what YOU are interested in being @
I would love to hear from you!

Week 6! 
For all grades...Kindness 101: Week 4 Story "Altruism"


TK/K: 2nd Step Lesson "We Feel Feelings In Our Bodies"

1st: 2nd Step Lesson "Identifying Our Own Feelings"

2nd: 2nd Step Lesson "Introducing Emotion Management"

3rd: 2nd Step Lesson "Introducing Emotion Management"

4th: 2nd Step Lesson "Introducing Emotion Management"

5th: 2nd Step Lesson "Introducing Emotion Management"

6th: Over the years we have watched lots of "Kid President" videos, right?!
His first video was actually made in 2012; 8 years ago! So, check out where he's at/what he's doing now! Search his videos and pick which is your favorite.  What kind of an impact do you think he hoped to make in the world?

Week 5!
For all grades...Kindness 101: Week 3 Story "Friendship"

TK/K: Self-Regulation: Listening "Why Should I Listen?"

1st: 7 Habits of Happy Kids: Habits 1 and 2 (Watch first video on the page)
Habit 1: Be the Transition Person https://limweekly.org/teach-leadership-transition-person/ 
Habit 2: Plan Ahead https://limweekly.org/teach-leadership-plan-ahead/

2nd: Frustrations About Being Stuck Indoors

3rd: Character and Mindset
What is something you can work on with the way that you act in order to improve your character?

4th: 7 Habits of Happy Kids: Habits 1 and 2 (Watch 2nd video down on the page)

Habit 1: Be the Transition Person https://limweekly.org/teach-leadership-transition-person/
Habit 2: Plan Ahead https://limweekly.org/teach-leadership-plan-ahead/

5th and 6th:  Things in My Control/Things Out of My Control
1. Watch the video: 
2. Make your own hand and follow the directions of the video; make a list of your own things you can control/things you can't.
3. How do you cope with things out of your control?
4. Understand the idea that we can only control ourselves and our thoughts/actions; not others.  We can choose how we respond and handle things/people around us.

Week 4!

For all grades.....Kindness 101: Week 2 Story "Empathy"

TK/K: Self-Regulation: "Even Superheroes Have Bad Days"

1st: Thinking Before We Speak: "Nice Words Matter"

2nd: "The Pixie Pandemic: Macho Has to Stay Inside"

3rd: Growth Mindset: "The Dot"

4th: Imagination Neighborhood Podcast: The Phone Gremlin

5th: Finding My Media Balance

6th: Digital Drama Unplugged


Week 3!
FOR EVERYONE! Kindness 101 (New Story each week for all grades)
Week 1 Story..... Character: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gyR9B2iUxQo

TK/K: "The Wolf Who Learned Self-Control"
*Make a picture for someone, being sure to take your time and do it to the very BEST of your ability! It could be to someone in your home, or perhaps you could mail it to someone!

1st: "Words and Your Heart"
*Challenge: Give a compliment to each person in your family!

2nd: Imagination Neighborhood: Count Vacula Feels Afraid
*What are some things that have been making you feel afraid lately?
*Who can you talk to about those fears to figure out how to make yourself feel better, but also maybe understand that it's normal to have fears in life, too?

3rd: "The Girl Who Never Made Mistakes"
*When is a time you made a big mistake? What happened? Did you learn from it, or did you make the mistake again?
*How can you work on the idea that it's okay to make mistakes, as long as you learn from them?

4th: Escalating Anger
*Click on "Preview Book" so you can read it
*Work through the stories and decide which phase the character's anger is in
*At the end of the book is a "What Makes Me Pop" exercise
*Using your own piece of paper, make 3 columns with the following labels at the top: Escalation Phase, Pop Phase, and De-Escalation Phase
*If you click on the next page, write down where the thoughts fall on the 3 categories
*Then, take some time to think about what escalates you, what you do when you're angry, and how you calm down, and add those thoughts to the 3 categories
*Think about if there are any areas you can do better when at home this next week, and try to make some improvements!

5th: "Screen Time: How Much Is Too Much?"
*Create a screen time log for this week: 3 columns...Day, What Screen Time You Had, and How Long
*Then, go through and put a smiley face next to school-reated, and a sad face next to free time
* Are you meeting the recommended guidelines for your age of no more than 2 hours per day? If you are, great! If not, how can you better manage your time?

6th: "Screen Time: How Much is Too Much?"
*Create a screen time log for this week: 3 columns...Day, What Screen Time You Had, and How Long
*Then, go through and put a smiley face next to school-reated, and a sad face next to free time
* Are you meeting the recommended guidelines for your age of no more than 2 hours per day? If you are, great! If not, how can you better manage your time?

Week 2! Still Missing All of You!

TK/K:  "LIstening to My Body"

*Learning how to control, or self-regulate

1st: "I Can't Believe You Said That!" by Julia Cook
*Pay attention to what you think AND what you say!* 

2nd: Imagination Neighborhood Podcast

*A podcast that is kid-friendly.  Listen alone or with your adult to "Macho Supreme Has An Accident"
*Challenge: Draw a picture of what you think Macho Supreme looks like, and make a list of things that are sometimes hard for you
*Helps us understand that it's okay, and sometimes we NEED to ask for help!

3rd:  "My Fantastic Elastic Brain"
*Learning about a Growth Mindset!

4th: Captain Compassion
*Explore this website that has different comic strips that have to do with the various parts of bullying prevention
*Remember the 3R's: Recognize, Refuse, and Report
*Make sure you're keeping these things in mind when it comes to what you're doing online, and also how you are handling/treating siblings, too!

5th: Quotes that Change Mindset
*Challenge: Create a poster that has a quote that will get you pumped up to be/do better and hang it somewhere you'll see it!

6th: 6th Graders AND Parents!
*Explore/read/watch videos alongside your parents/caregivers.  With this extra time at home, I'm sure many of these topics have come up! This is a great way to navigate, have great discusions, and consider each other's perspectives!

For Parents: Tips on Virtual Learning/Sample Schedule


Video from Mrs. Twedt! I miss all of you!


TK/Kindergarten: Follow Those Directions!
Have a discussion with your parents on how you've been doing with listening and following their directions.
Is there anything you can be doing better? Or, do you need to keep up the good work?

1st: Harrison P. Spader; Personal Space Invader
Talk with your family: Have there been times at home so far that you've had problems with appropriate personal space? What are you doing well? What can you do better?

2nd: Review on Anger/Frustration Management: Soda Pop Head!
Make a picture or list of how you can handle your anger appropriately :)
Have a discussion with your parents.  Have there been times since you've been home that you could have handled your anger more appropriately?

3rd: Responsibility for Our Actions
Discuss with your family: Are there situations right now at home where you can learn how to take responsibility for your actions?

4th: Conflict Resolution
       Owning Our Actions

5th: Gratitude
Discuss with family: Challenge: Make a People/Places/Things you are grateful for (do the challenge from the video)!
And, make sure you're working hard and putting forth the best effort you can for all the assignments your teachers are posting for you!

6th: Grit and Growth Mindset!
Discuss with your family: What things are you doing well right now when it comes to virtual learning? What can you be doing better?