Name Alien
One of my FAVORITE 4th grade projects is the name alien. This is a project in which students can push the limits of creativity. They can go in so many directions with this project, I love it!

Symmetry is one of the vocabulary words we focus on with this project. Your 4th grader should be able to tell you all about symmetry after we're finished!

Superhero Gestures
In 4th grade art we discovered human gestures and proportions.


1. We discussed gestures and creating accurate propotions.

2. One person from the class modeled and we drew a gesture.

3. We pair-shared on how we could improve our gestures.

4. We continued to create gestures.

5. Then each person from our table chose a superhero pose.

6. We drew that pose.

7. We chose our favorite and transfered to a new piece of paper.

8. We drew a superhero and it's powers and colored with colored pencil.

Picasso's Blue Period Portraits
In fourth grade art we discovered Pablo Picasso's blue period as well as self-portraits.


1. We discussed Picasso's blue period.

2. We drew our portrait with correct proportions.

3. We painted our portraits blue with tints and shades.

Printmaking: Monotypes
In 4th grade art we discovered a form of printmaking, monotypes.


1. We painted a vase of flowers on a piece of plexi-glass.

2. We put a piece of paper on top and rolled it with a brayer to add pressure.

3. We put our name on the print and put it on the drying rack.

4. The next day we continued the process, but painted our shoes instead.

5. We matted our favorite print.

Kwanzaa: Mkeka
In 4th grade art we discovered Kwanzaa and Mkekas.


1. We discussed Kwanzaa and the use and purpose of mkekas or weaved clothes.

2. We cut slits in a place piece of paper.

3. We weaved Kwanzaa colors: yellow, green, and red.

Atmospheric Landscapes
In 4th grade art we discovered atmospheric perspective: how things are lighter the further away they appear.


1. We looked at examples of atmospheric perspective.

2. We sketched a landscape with three trees. The tree closest is the largest and the tree furthest away is the smallest.

3. We painted the landscape using tint, shade, and hue.

Tint and Shade Design
In 4th grade art we discovered tints and shades.


1. We drew three circles on a piece of paper and labeled them hue, tint, and shade. We painted hue with a solid color, we painted tint with color plus white, and we painted shade with color plus black.

2. We created a simple design using geometric and organic shapes, lines, variety, and balance.

3. We painted that design using only hue, tint, and shade.