Beginning band for the 2014-15 school year will start on August 25th.  Everyone should have their instruments, band books and supplies ready to go by that date.  Any of the music stores in Sioux Falls can help you with instrument rental programs, books and supplies.   We use The Standard of Excellence Book 1 for 5th grade band. If your child was selected to play drums you will need to rent a bell kit.

Students who plan to play baritone, tuba or french horn can rent their instruments from the school.  You can pay your rental with Mary when you register. I would like to have a parent meeting during the Elementary Open House night on Aug. 28th.  We will meet in the band room at 6:30pm. 

I look forward to another great year of 5th grade band!

 Our concert scheule for this year is: Nov. 12 - Turkey Supper Concert,Feb. 5 - Winter Concert,

May 14 - Spring Concert

Last update 3/21/14