West Lyon High School Musical
West Lyon High School students perform a musical every year in the fall. It is an amazing opportunity to incorporate singing, choreography, costuming, physical properties, lights, sound, and acting into one magical experience!


2013 Wizard of Oz Cast

Wizard of Oz Cast

Bridget Lollipop Guild, Ozian Doorman

Cassidy Glinda, Optimistic Voice

Chaydon Munchkin, Ozian Optimistic Voice

Christian Professor, Wizard of Oz

Evan Hickory, Tin Man

Grace Auntie Em, Ozian

Joscelyn Munchkin, Ozian Guard, Winkie

Katie Lullaby League, Ozian, Winkie

Kelsey Lullaby League, Ozian, Winkie

Kendra Mayor Lullaby League, Jitterbug, Winkie

Kira I Lollipop Guild, Ozian, Winkie

Kira S Lullaby League, Ozian, Winkie

Kullyn Zeke, Cowardly Lion

Mariah Lollipop Guild, Ozian, Winkie

Micayla Dorothy

Nicolet Hunk, Scarecrow

Olivia Munchkin, Ozian Optimistic Voice

Talon Uncle Henry, Jitterbug, Ozian

Torrie Munchkin, Ozian Optimistic Voice

Tressa Wicked Witch

Vince Munchkin Coroner, Nikko the Winged Monkey Leader

Little Shop of Horrors

Announcer Paige VerMeer
Crystal Kendra Mogler
Crystal’s gang Heather Moser, Mariah Schemmel, Amy Knobloch
Ronnette Marissa Munger
Ronette’s gang Joscelyn Kimball, Paige Ver Meer, Micayla Ter Wee
Tyra Knobloch
Chiffon Tressa Munger
Chiffon’s gang Grace Rens, Bridget Hovaldt, Grace Gilbertson
Ms. Mushnik MacKenzie Ball
Seymour Christian Bouwman
Audrey Cassidy Koedam
Wino #1 Kullyn Meffert
Wino #2 Marc Demme
Customer Mariah Schemmel
Audrey II voice Jamie Tracy
Audrey II movement Miranda Anderson
Interviewer Marc Demme
Orin Weston Knobloch
Bernstein, Skip,
Agent Marc Demme
Mrs. Luce Amy Knobloch
Martin Kullyn Meffert


Fiddler on the Roof

Back Row: Jamie Tracy, Virgil Potter, Joe Gayer, Weston Knobloch, Rebekah Fluit, Phillip Conrad, Mariah Schemmel, Lorenzo Romero, Brendan Ryan, Drew Mogler, Cody Versteeg, Christain Bouwman, Steve Knape, Colby Van Hill, Chad Knoblock, Micah Bajema.
Middle Row: Tressa Munger, Cassidy Koedam, Marc Demme, Maria Graves, Lynelle Mogler, Jami Berentschot, LaChelle Moser, Tara Lombard, Kendra Gerber, Diana Fluit, Jamie Pedersen, Kelsey Warner, Morgan Meendering, Kendra Mogler, Kelsey Knoblock.
Front Row: Jacob Munger, Katrina Lombard, Taylor Warner, Izzy Warner, Julia Fluit, Ron Mackenzie, Mackenzie Ball.

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat



The cast of Grease once again rocked the halls of West Lyon on October 30 and 31. After months of preparation the talented group sang and danced and charmed the crowd with familiar songs from thirty years ago. The original show began in New York in 1972. The familiar movie is now celebrating its thirty-year anniversary. West Lyon performed Grease in 1998 commemorating the movie’s twentieth anniversary and it was decided to bring back the show for the fall of 2008. Congratulations to Ashley Kellenberger, Becca Boer, Shaunae Boer, Grace Larsen, Jennifer Johnson, Andrew Metzger, Nate Kerkvliet, Alec Soria, Greg Meendering Drew Mogler, Keyah Casey, Jenae Coffield, Brendan Ter Wee, Ron McKenzie, Reid Jensen, Mercedes Howe, Jacob Munger, Kaitlyn Olthoff, Tara Lombard, Megan Feuchtenberger, Bekah Fluit, Maria Graves, Joseph Gayer, Megan Bouwman, Molly Snyders, Anna Hildring, Stephanie Simons, Erin Larsen, Kayla Van Der Weerd, and Directors Kent Knudson, Gerry Stai, and Trish Lombard. A special thank you goes out to Lynette Wedeking, Mark Swartz, and Mike Modder for contributing their amazing musical talents to provide the accompaniment. Student performers will have further opportunities to display their talents in Large Group Speech, Individual Speech, and in West Lyon’s spring play.