College Visit/Job Shadow Policy

Junior and senior students (or their parents) may set up college visits with schools they are interested in exploring.  Seniors may have up to 2 college visit days and juniors may have 1 college visit day during school time.

West Lyon junior and senior students have the opportunity to do a job shadow day during the school year.  Students will be allowed 1 school day their junior year and 1 school day their senior year for the purpose of experiencing a job shadow.  Junior and senior students (or their parents) are encouraged to set up their own job shadows in career areas they are interested in exploring.

For these days to be classified as college visit or job shadow days in the school attendance records, students must turn in a parent note to Sue Faber verifying the student was on a college visit and what school they visited or when and where the job shadow occurred.  College visit and job shadow absences will be counted as part of the 8 absences allowed for a student per semester before grade reduction in classes.  All college visits and job shadows must be completed by the end of April.