JH Community Service

On Thursday and Friday, May 23 & 24 the West Lyon Junior High once again went out into our West Lyon Communities and provided two days of community service. The weather was very good and helped make these days a huge success.

Groups of 18-20 students, with junior high staff and parent supervision, went out into our communities and did a large variety of tasks.

The "Red Mambas" and "The Avengers", led by Jeremy Childress and Ben Caven, went into Larchwood on Thursday. They did various jobs at the baseball and softball fields. On Friday this group cleaned out the weight room at the school.

The "Spartans" and "Takis", led by Cathy Doorneweerd and Brent Ripperda, went into Lester on Thursday. They did some sprucing up in the town and they helped the Agesons with tree pick up. On the second day, this group went to Inwood to load a truck for Justice for All and then they came back to school to help with a variety of tasks other groups were working on.

The "Power Rangers" and "Team Bologna Awesome", led by Todd McCallum, stayed at school. On Thursday they helped with the elementary field day. On Friday they did a variety of tasks to help the custodial staff and they helped elementary teachers relocate their supplies to different classrooms.

The "We're Better Than You Group" and "The Wonder Pets", led by Kent Knudson, Lynette Wedeking, Roselyn Schillerstrom, Carol Childress and Trish Lombard, spent Thursday in Rock Rapids at the Lyon Couty Fairgrounds. They cleaned out barns and did some painting. Friday morning this group cleaned out all the drama and sports supply areas in the bus barn.

The "Dora's Explorer's" and "Barden Bellas", led by Matt McKenney and Brad Sexe, spent Thursday in Inwood. Thursday morning their time was spent painting and cleaning up the Inwood park area. On Thursday afternoon they worked with landscaping at Fellowship Village. On Friday this group joined a group out at Lake Pahoja to get a lot of things cleaned up for summer visitors.

The final group, "Pizza!" and "Aka-awesome Groups", led by Mark Rentschler and Miranda Metzger, spent both days at Lake Pahoja. They cleaned cabins, prepared the ground for new cabins, painted picnic areas and picked up branches left from the spring storms.

These days could not have been done without the gracious help of the West Lyon junior high staff and the 10-12 junior high parents who so willing supervised and provided transportation during these two days. Thanks to all these willing leaders.

Please take a little time and check out the picture gallery here to see snapshots of our worksites.

Contact: Kim Mulder